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Mr. Jitendra Gosawi

Mr. Jitendra Gosawi

Sr. Technician
Mr. Gosawi has been the cornerstone of our team, ensuring clean and safe drinking water for countless homes and businesses. His expertise, reliability, and commitment to excellence have set a standard of service that is second to none.
Mr.Laxman Patil

Mr.Laxman Patil

Sr. Technician
Mr. Patil's dedication, skill, and unwavering commitment to quality have been instrumental in providing top-notch service to our valued customers. His expertise in troubleshooting, maintenance, and installation has consistently exceeded expectations, making him an invaluable asset to our team.
 Mr.Sandip Sonawane

Mr.Sandip Sonawane

Sr. Technician
We are proud to introduce Mr. Sandip Sonawane, our Senior Technician with exceptional skills and expertise in repairing all types of RO + UV units! 💧 With his in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience, Mr. Sonawane has consistently delivered outstanding results, ensuring that our customers enjoy clean and safe drinking water at all times. His dedication to excellence and passion for his work make him a valuable asset to our team.
Mr.Rajendra Sonawane

Mr.Rajendra Sonawane

Sr. Technician
Meet Mr. Rajendra Sonawane, our Senior Technician with an impressive 12 years of experience! 🛠️ Mr. Sonawane's dedication to his craft and his exceptional technical skills have been the cornerstone of our success. Whether it's troubleshooting complex issues or implementing innovative solutions, he consistently delivers results that exceed expectations.

Are you tired of compromising on the quality of your drinking water? Say goodbye to impurities and hello to pure refreshment with our advanced water purifiers! Good Luck Sales and Services brings you a range of reliable and efficient water purifiers to ensure you and your family enjoy clean and safe drinking water every day. Trust us for quality products and excellent service. Stay healthy, stay hydrated!

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